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April's Newsletter

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

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Tackling COVID-19 Head On:

Emergency Food Relief, supporting Masaka Hospital and manufacturing Plastic Visors

We are continuing to support Masaka through COVID-19 in partnership with various organisations across the community, including the Uganda Marathon, and have now begun distributing an emergency food relief programme. We are also supporting Masaka hospital and will soon start manufacturing plastic visors from recycled plastic to protect frontline workers. Here's an update on everything that's been happening.

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who has donated. We have now raised over£26,600, and thanks to the remarkable effort and hard work of our team, we've been able to act quickly and put this money to immediate effect. 

We are incredibly grateful - none of this work would have been possible without your support.

Eco Brixs Coronavirus Relief Programme giving out food to the vulnerable community

Above: Working alongside the army to distribute emergency food relief



The implications of lockdown has meant many households across the community cannot go out to work and earn an income to buy food to feed their families. Media reports have suggested that we may see famine of 'biblical proportion' across the continent and one elderly gentleman we delivered food to said: 

"I have never seen a crisis like this before in over 8 decades in Uganda."

We've been working alongside the army to identify and distribute emergency food relief to vulnerable families, with food packages containing 10kg of maize flour, 5kg of beans and 500g of salt per household. We are also distributing powdered milk cartons to mothers with infants and pregnant mothers.

- A £10 donation feeds one person for 3 weeks -

Donate here

A young girl is happy to receive food and soap for her family during the Coronavirus crisis

Eco Brixs team giving out food to the vulnerable community to help cope during the lockdown with no work


The Government's decision to implement strict lockdown measures early has meant that the virus is being contained very well. However, there is a serious lack of equipment with no ventilators in Masaka, should the virus begin to spread rapidly like in many other parts of the world.

So far we have helped provide safety equipment for staff, new isolation spaces, hygiene facilities, back-up infrastructure, and increase testing.

Donations have allowed us to support the hospital with testing kits at the entrance to Masaka Referral Hospital


The funds raised to support Masaka through Covid have enabled us to buy machinery to manufacture plastic visors from recycled plastic.

The visors will be made from recycled HDPE plastic which we have bought from the community, thereby also providing individuals with much needed additional income, especially at this time. The visors will then be used in hospitals to protect frontline workers.

The machinery is currently on its way to Uganda from Austria and we hope to start manufacturing once it arrives next month.

An example of the Plastic Face Shields we'll be making from recycled plastic to protect people from COVID-19


If you would like to support the hospital and food programme, you can donate here. 100%  of your donation will go directly to supporting individuals in Masaka. This support is already making a huge difference and every pound is helping support some of the most vulnerable communities in Uganda.

Thanks again and we hope you and your families are keeping safe at home.


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