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A Community-Driven Approach to Tackling Plastic Waste

We're recycling plastic waste whilst simultaneously creating job opportunities for marginalised people in Uganda

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Tonnes of Plastic Recycled


500ml Plastic Bottles Recycled


people receiving income through recycling

We pay the community for each kilogram of plastic they bring to us. So as we clean up plastic, we're creating accessible job opportunities for disadvantaged groups too.


This includes young people, women and people with disabilities.


The disposal of plastic waste is one of Uganda's biggest challenges. There are no formal waste collection services.

Over 600 tonnes of plastic is disposed of every day, with over 90% of it ending up in unsafe landfills or being burnt.


This endangers both the environment and people.

The Uganda Recycling Association (TURA)

We work with an entire network of Resource Recovery Agents, who collect plastic from their communities. Each is a member of the newly formed 'Ugandan Recycling Association'.

Learn about the association and find your nearest plastic recycling point in Uganda!


Our Plastic Collecting Heroes

The accessible nature of plastic collection means even the most marginalised community members can earn an income, including people with disabilities, women and those living in poverty.

"All thanks to Eco Brixs who buys and recycles my plastic, I can earn and this money has improved our livelihood and my child's welfare."

- Hadijah, Plastic Collector

We recycle the plastic waste into brand new Eco-Products.

These innovative items include bricks, furniture, lumber, household items and much more!

Bricks Pavers with bottles
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Help us to recycle more plastic and create more jobs 

We're currently fundraising to expand Eco Brixs across Southern Uganda. Donate and help us to support 2,000 more vulnerable people with our recycling model.

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