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Eco Brixs is a Closed-loop Recycling Programme


We're helping to tackle the issue of plastic waste and high unemployment in Uganda

Amount of plastic we've removed from the environment to date

Amount we've invested into the local economy

Amount of Individuals who have received additional income opportunities 

We do all this by giving trash a value.


Plastic bottles at Eco Brixs HQ to be recycled into Eco-Products

Learn about our story and how we're recycling plastic 

The disposal of plastic in Uganda is one of the country's biggest challenges. The current situation puts both the people and the environment at risk:

600 Tonnes

of plastic is disposed of everyday

Over 90%

of this is sent to landfill or burnt illegally, as there is no formal means of waste collection

We've working to change this through what we do...

Collection Site in Masaka to gather the communities plastic

Community Recycling

Through our widespread collection network, we make recycling plastic easy for the whole community

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Telephone : ​+256 751 447181

Email: info@ecobrixs.org​​

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UK Reg Charity No: 1184169