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Join us in tackling the World's Plastic Problem

Would you like to develop a recycling project within your own community?

Eco Brixs is passionate about building more sustainable circular economies in order to tackle the world's plastic problem. Therefore, we've developed a training programme to help other groups and organisations start up their own recycling initiatives!

Whether you're a start-up or a large corporate, we'll help you get off to the perfect start in building your own closed-looped system!

Work with us to...

Recycle tonnes of plastic waste


Create income opportunities for your community

Clean up your local area


How we'll help you with...



We'll introduce you to recycling market leaders in your area of operation, using our expansive network in Uganda. (If you're based outside Uganda, we'll support you in exploring your country's market layout through research.)


We'll introduce you to our global network so you can meet like-minded partners internationally to support your development.


Support Building your own Collection Network

We'll teach you the systems required to ensure the plastic you collect is of the correct standard, and how to encourage the community to join you in collecting plastic to be recycled.

Legal Framework

We'll support you in developing MoU's to ensure you have a solid legal framework in place on which to build your community-changing project.

Marketing & Sales

Create Eco-Products from Waste

We'll teach you how to make marketable products out of plastic, by creating value from the waste materials. We'll do this by teaching you our patented mixes so you can operate under the Eco Brixs brand.

As an Eco Brixs retailer, you'll be able to create Eco-Products from the plastic you collect, which will help build your sustainability and project growth.

Support in Promoting your Work

We'll actively promote your work through our media channels, helping you to connect with a wider network and grow your influence.


Help you Demonstrate your Impact 

We'll help you to effectively measure your project's impact through indicators that funders and investors want to see, and therefore increasing the chances you'll win funding!

Through our 'Impact Templates', you'll be able to easily demonstrate the results of your initiative to the world!

The 5 Day Course

We recommend a 5-day training programme to carefully cover everything mentioned above. We'll leave you with the knowledge and foundations to build a successful recycling project.


Day 1

- Travel to your location -

- Introduction to Circular Economy Recycling Techniques and training program -

- Interactive workshop demonstrating products that can be made and their market capacity in your local setting -

Day 2*

- Research local recycling capacity and other operators in the business, including informal collectors -

- Design a draft project design for your own recycling organisation, including recycling targets, capacity and systems - 

The Team

Andy Bownds Eco Brixs CEO.jpeg

The training will be carried out by the Eco Brixs team who within three years had developed a sustainable recycling project with multiple income avenues and made it adaptable to fit both rural and urban settings.

Specifically, Andy, the Eco Brixs CEO will lead the training, who he himself has grown the organisation from a small project in his back garden to an international charity which has had a massive impact in terms of plastic recycled and income opportunities created for the local community

This programme is an opportunity to access the knowledge and lessons learnt by the team over the past 5 years since Eco Brixs' inception, which has all been carefully crafted into a 1-week training programme.

Andy and the team pride themselves on leaving organisations with the knowledge and tools to create a successful project with the potential to make a real difference to the surrounding community!

"The Course provides 5 years of knowledge within one working week."


Reagan, GLI, Director

"The GLI approaches community development by empowering communities, building partnerships and listening and thinking before we act.  Andy and the Eco Brixs team embrace these same values and not only provided the network and strategic partnerships to help us listen and think, but facilitated the training to allow us to act.  Because of this collaborative approach to our work, we now recycle 7-10 tons of plastics a month and have injected millions of shillings into our local economy. None of this would have been possible without Andy and the Eco Brixs team and we are grateful for their commitment to making Uganda’s economy more inclusive and sustainable."


Join us in tackling the plastic problem

To register your interest for our training programme, please contact us via the form below

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