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Eco Brixs attends the Flip Flopi Event at Lake Victoria

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Flip Flopi Expedition in Kampala Uganda at Lake Victoria

During the weekend of 20th March, the Eco Brixs team attended the Flip Flopi Expedition event at Gaba Beach Hotel, in Kampala, on the edge of Lake Victoria.

The event was hosted by the Flip Flopi Project, which, like Eco Brixs, is a circular economy movement based in East Africa, which envisions a world without single-use plastic. It was launched in 2015 when its founder, Ben, wanted to do something about the plastic waste (much of it old flip flops) that often litters beautiful beaches, and decided to build a dhow (boat) to inspire others to change their habits with regards to plastic.

Andy Bownds Eco Brixs CEO by Flip Flopi's Dhow boat made from recycled plastic

Today, they run programmes to raise awareness through education, innovation hubs and advocacy, and the dhow is currently touring Lake Victoria as they host a series of events around the area.

The event aimed to help raise awareness about how much damage discarded plastic is doing to the Great Lake in East Africa. It featured a series of talks, workshops and cleanups, hoping to inspire business leaders, community leaders, policymakers and children.

Eco Brixs team at their Eco-Products stand at the Flip Flopi event at Lake Victoria

We held a stand at the event which was a great opportunity for us to demonstrate our Eco-Products to an audience and get feedback, and we even manage to sell several as well!

We were also proud to sign a petition whilst there, in the hopes of ending single-use plastic in Uganda. This has long been an ambition of ours, and fingers-crossed, it gains the traction it deserves!

Sian from the Eco Brixs team at the Flip Flopi event by end single use plastic campaign banner

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