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Plastic waste bailed at Eco Brixs HQ for

Maxilia's Impact

How Maxilia is making a Difference in Uganda

Maxilia offset their plastic usage with Eco Brixs. By offsetting with us, Maxilia is helping to tackle the huge plastic problem in Uganda.


It's making plastic collection, recycling, and the creation of green jobs possible...

Live Impact


In Uganda, over 600 tonnes of plastic are disposed of every day, and there are no waste management systems. Therefore, the majority of plastic waste ends up being dumped, burnt or buried in unsafe landfills.

However, through Maxilia taking responsibility for its plastic footprint, the organisation is changing this.


Their plastic offset is empowering local people to clean up plastic and receive an income for this work, and for the development of recycling infrastructure across southern Uganda.

Plastic Collectors supported through this offset...

Eco Brixs HQ is located in Southern Ugandan in the Masaka District.


Here, we recycle the plastic waste collected by our Plastic Collectors into brand-new items of value, which we call Eco-Products.

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