Income Opportunities

By giving people cash for every kilogram of plastic they bring to us, we're incentivising recycling and help those below the poverty line

Children collecting plastic waste for income

Poverty is widespread in Uganda. A quarter of the population, 11 million people, live below the poverty line.

It is especially prevalent in the young, and also vulnerable groups (such as those living with disabilities). For example, it is estimated over 83% of 15-24-year-olds are currently unemployed. Likewise, 80% of those with disabilities also live in poverty.

We're tackling this issue by creating income opportunities that are accessible to everyone.

For every kilogram of plastic brought to us, we'll exchange it for cash, therefore offering a source of income for anyone willing to collect plastic and bring to it to one of our recycling centres.

We especially encourage those who are vulnerable and/or living in poverty to bring us plastic!

Piles of plastic at Eco Brixs HQ to be recycled

Our Collection Network has made a hugely positive impact on the local economy, as well as the environment. It has proved to be sustainable and created income opportunities for thousands in a short space of time.

Our closed-loop system has allowed us to create a way to provide income to thousands of individuals in Uganda. It is accessible to all, including the young and vulnerable groups.

As we expand our collection network, this number is only likely to increase. With so much plastic waste disposed of every day in Uganda, this method of earning an income is open to a practically an uncapped number, who can all be earning simultaneously. Some of our most entrepreneurial beneficiaries have even turned plastic collection into their full-time job! It really is open to anyone who is willing to collection plastic and bring it to us!

We're incredibly proud of the thousands of dollars we've invested into the local community so far, which is helping individuals, especially vulnerable ones, to earn an income and build their way out of poverty.


Furthermore, the incentive is helping people to reflect on their habits towards the environment, and clean up the surrounding area! 

Agilen & Madinah

Income Opportunities - Empowering Individuals

Agilen (4 years old) and Madinah (9 years old) were abandoned by their mother, and are now supported by a project called SMILE who provide for their basic needs. Unfortunately, the limited resources of the organisation mean they are unable to cover school fees for the girls.

However, the students have taken it upon themselves to fund their own education! With the support of SMILE, they often collect plastic and bring it to Eco Brixs, which helps them to raise enough money to attend school and obtain an education.

"The recycling program now gives us an opportunity to sustainably fund schools fees"

- Niona, the Treasurer of SMILE

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