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How we're making a difference - Stats & Stories

The Challenge

There is no formal waste management system in Uganda, and therefore plastic waste is often sent to landfill or burnt illegally.

Poverty is also widespread, especially amongst the young and vulnerable groups.

of plastic is disposed of everyday. 90% of this goes to landfill or is burnt illegally 

a quarter of the population, live in poverty. 83% of 15-24-year-olds are unemployed

of those who have a disability live in poverty, because they are seen as 'unemployable'.

We're working to change this. We're extremely proud of our impact so far...

The Stats

- Our Widespread Impact -

We've set up a network of  'Community Recycling Centres', with plans to set up more.


This ensures everyone in the town has a centre nearby. Each is placed in busy community hubs where people already go in their daily lives.

This makes the process of recycling 


Our collection network has made the process of recycling easy for everyone.


As a result, we're making a massive environmental impact...




There are seven types of plastic - we accept and recycle all of them.


We're the only organisation in Uganda to do this.


For our beneficiaries, this keeps the process  


is the amount of plastic we've removed from the environment to date.

Our collection network is helping to change how people deal with their plastic waste. This is cleaning up the town and surrounding area by


is the amount we've invested into the local community.

We invest money into the local community to encourage people to change their habits towards their plastic waste, which in turn helps people to earn an income and clean up the area.


By paying people for every kilogram of plastic they bring to us, we're creating income opportunities for everyone - including those living in poverty.


This is creating a  significant economic impact...

is the amount of individuals who have received additional income opportunities from our closed-loop system.

This offers a revenue stream which is accessible to everyone. It has already helped a large number of people in a short amount of time!



Over half of our team are made up of individuals who are members of the local disability union. This is a stat we're incredibly proud of!


They manage our 'Community Recycling Centres' - a crucial role at the heart of our business model.





We partner schools and youth groups, educating students on how to take care of the environment, and empowering them to become change-makers in their own communities!


Each group of students we work with forms an 'Eco Club', and we're proud to say we've formed 21 one so far, totalling hundreds of change-makers in the community.



The Stories

- Our Impact on a Personal Level -

Mukalazi Bernard

Disability Employment

Mukalazi has joined our team to manage our Collection Recycling Centre in Masaka Town Market. As part of the Disability Union, he was recommended by Ssali Edward who is already part of our team.


The role provides him with an income to help support his family of 4, and also bases him in the centre of the community as he runs the site within the busy saaza market.

"I now have money to support my family and I feel a part of the community. I get to talk to lots of people everyday."

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