Disability Employment

We create job opportunities for those with disabilities and other vulnerable groups 

In Uganda, there is a severe stigma associated with disabilities. For anyone who suffers from a disability, they are seen as 'unskilled' and therefore unable to work. This means for the vast majority, they are effectively sentenced to a life in poverty as there is no social support.

This has a huge impact on the country as a whole, as 1/5 of the population suffer from a disability, and 80% of these people live below the poverty line.

Piles of plastic collected at one of Community Recycling Centres
One of the disabled community who manages our recycling centre

At Eco Brixs, we're proud to say we're challenging this mentality!

We focus on employing People with Disabilities (PWDs), and other vulnerable groups, offering them jobs managing our 'Community Recycling Centres'. This is a crucial part of our collection network and central to our business model.

We provide each of them with training, job security and a steady income. They also manage centres in the very heart of the community.  


But perhaps most importantly, we provide them with a means to build their own way out of poverty - through managing the recycling centre.


of our team are PWDs

Over half of our team are made up of members from the Disability Union - a statistic we take incredible pride in! As of December 2020, we employed 13 members of staff who live with disabilities.

They independently manage the centres across our network and are the person everyone brings their plastic waste to. They weigh the plastic and give a cash amount according to the weight.


Once they have collected sufficient amounts of plastic at the centre, they then let our main site know, who come to collect it with transport. It is then recycled at our main site.

We're proud to be working in partnership with the 'Uganda Business and Disability Network, an organisation that works to create workplaces and company cultures that are respectful and inclusive towards people with disabilities (PWD).

Mukalazi Bernard

Disability Employment

Mukalazi has joined our team to manage our Collection Recycling Centre in Masaka Town Market. As part of the Disability Union, he was recommended by Ssali Edward, a fellow PWD, who was already a part of our team.


The role provides him with an income to help support his family of 4, and also bases him in the centre of the community as he runs the site within the busy market.

"I now have money to support my family and I feel a part of the community. I get to talk to lots of people everyday."

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