Community Recycling

Through our widespread collection network, we make recycling plastic easy for the whole community

There is no formal means of collecting waste in Uganda. Over 600 tonnes of plastic is disposed of every day, of which 90% of this will end up in landfill or burnt illegally. This poses a significant danger to both the environment and nearby communities.

Furthermore, of the small number of recycling organisations which do exist in Uganda, they are only able to accept some types of plastic, making the process complicated for people to use.

An Eco Brixs Recycling Centre to collect people's plastic waste
Disabled employee managing our Community Recycling Centre

In response to this situation, we've set up a widespread collection network of recycling centres. They make it convenient, simple and easy for everyone to recycle.

And to encourage everyone to use these facilities? We pay people for every kilogram of plastic they bring to us!

In a short time, our Collection Network has made a huge impact on the environment and local economy. It's been a welcomed addition by the community, and proved to be sustainable too.

We've set up a series of 'Community Recycling Centres' in busy community hubs (eg. markets, town centres, near churches), where people already go in their daily lives. This ensures the centres are convenient to visit.

People simply bring us their plastic, our team weigh it, and then they give the individual cash in exchange for the plastic waste. It's a quick and easy transaction!

We're also the only organisation in Uganda to accept any and all types of plastic. This ensures the process remains simple to use.

Collectively, the centres in our network have empowered the local people to work with us to remove 200 tonnes of plastic waste from the environment, which would have previously been burnt or gone to landfill, as a result of a lack of alternatives.


And as we continue to grow our network, which each month helps us to recycle over 15 tonnes of plastic waste, this figure is set to grow further, extending our environmental impact!

By offering people an incentive to bring us their plastic, and making the process easy and accessible to all, we're quickly seeing a widespread change in people's behaviour - to the benefit of the environment. 

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